Tralavar Ploom

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Tralavar Ploom is the owner of the Tralavar's Boutiques in Flinthook, he sells all kinds of things; Perks, Health, Shield and sometimes relics.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Sprinkled amongst the Galaxy's swashbuckling ships, shops are an odd outgrowth of the piracy network amongst the stars. Captains decided it was a better way of splitting up loot amongst crews, especially since they got to keep most of it! The shops are managed by Tralavar Ploom, a notoriously frugal crabellan. No one asked whether his penny-picking came from his own economic ideas or his actual pincers."

Quote[edit | edit source]

  • I travel across all the ships to sell stuffs! Aren't I generous? The answer is yes!
  • DO NOT GO to the Black Market! I don't need the competition! DON'T buy the special moves over there!
  • Is your time-belt for sale? I'd make so much GOLD selling it!
  • Isn't my cushion nice? You don't have enough gold to buy it, believe me!
  • Get Perks! Get grub! Get potions... and I get YOUR GOLD! And then I buy nice cushions! Great system.