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Tiptonius Jones

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Tiptonius Jones is an NPC in Flinthook that can be found through the Tiptonius Jones' Tip Salon Level Modifier. His information can prove invaluable at times!

Quote[edit | edit source]

  • All them Siren Shrine symbols do different stuff, but I ain't a dictionary so I don't know em all.
  • When ya bounce off stuff, ya can hold down to bounce lower or jump to bounce higher.
  • Da real pirates know to use Slowmo a lot! It charges up real fast!
  • Ya aim down, ya fall fast, pretty simple ta me!
  • The coins don't burn a hole in your purse, y'know? Sometimes ya save up for better stuff, no?
  • I ain't no curse collector. I don't wanna know what happens if ya collect more of them.
  • Ya gotta keep going to the Black Market. Black Margot keeps getting new stuffs in his inventory.
  • Like I always says; "Need a break? Just press ______!" I always says it!
  • Y'know, bigger ships have more shops in 'em. Make sense right?
  • The Chrono Belt looks good, ya know? But ya can use it ta keep ya from dropping faster too.
  • Ya wanna collect everything, it's tempting but clutter is a serious issue on a spaceship, ya know?
  • When ya use da Quickhook next to a ring, ya can fling farther, ain't velocity great?
  • If I could Slowmo, I'd use it all da time, to adjust my aiming and such!
  • If ya get real good at this, ya might be able to find hidden places ta go. So there's my tip, be real good.
  • Some people mark their secret stuff with skulls. I don't. But some people do.