Sirens' Gamble

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The Sirens' Gamble is a set of risks/rewards one can find in pirate spaceships, they come in form of shrines.

Description[edit | edit source]

One can find shrines with siren statues scattered throughout pirate spaceships. Unless the Doomed Sanctuary level modifier is defined, the shrines will always give positive upgrades.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"As you enter the shrine, will you pay homage to the Sirens or do you take their gamble?

Each siren idol is flanked by floating Scalestones, representing the gifts and curses of space itself. They hold strange energies, capable of affecting the pirate bold enough to touch them. Weakness or vigor? Life or death? Remember the stones' symbols before taking the Gamble!"

Differents Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrade: Description: Effect:
Protection upgrade.PNG You will outlast the next blast. Add one to your total shield.
Health Upgrade.PNG More health is better than wealth. Add 10 health to your MAX HP.
Food Upgrade.PNG Some food will make you feel good. Restore 15 health.
Meal Upgrade.PNG Without a meal, there is no heal. Restore 25 health.
Big Coins Upgrade.PNG A heavy bag of gold lifts all spirits. Add 75 coins to your purse.
Lite Coins Upgrade.PNG A little bit of gold never gets old. Add 50 coins to your purse.

In game[edit | edit source]

4-27-2017 11-36-21 AM.png Typical Sirens' Gamble