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Nomad's land

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Nomad's Land is a secret area (technically a pirate spaceship) in Flinthook.

Spoilers ahead!

Description[edit | edit source]

One can gain access to this secret area after beating any ship without being damaged, then beating a consecutive ship with no - or few - damage. (Need number).

Damage from environment - damage with no hurting effect - such as fire or poison does not count as damage.

A shield break does not count as damage, as such, the Bulwark perk is a good choice in attempting to reach Nomad's Land.

Only gold can be found in Nomad's Land. As with Ghost Ships, an Astro Whistle can be found in the end level chest.

Need more testing to see the incidence the whistles have on end game results - if any.

Nomad's Land cannot be reached on a daily or weekly challenge.