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Larder is an NPC in Flinthook that appears in ships with the Larder level modifier.

Description[edit | edit source]

Larder will give you the choice between two items, they can vary between a shield, potion, space meat or a simple apple. Very handy to run into when one is running low on health.

A shield costs 45g and will protect you from one hit before it breaks.

Potion costs 300g and will heal you for 50.

Space meat costs 80g/100g and heals you for 25.

An apple costs 30g and will heal you for 10.

Quote[edit | edit source]

  • I don't make the food. You don't like it? Not my fault!
  • Yeah, you can grab grub here. Or don't. I'm tired.
  • I always gotta mop around when you leave. You bring lots of dust in here.
  • If I had a time belt, I'd use it to have longer naps.
  • I hate apples.