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Dueling Deaths Unbound

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Dueling Deaths Unbound are the third and final Ghost Ship bosses. One can access them by amassing curses during the Gwarlock bounty.

Description[edit | edit source]

­­"Never seen apart, the Dueling Deaths have cut a swath through space mariners stupid enough to get on their ghost ship. Ancient carvings depict a time before the Sirens where these two figures fight their way acoss a now-lost kingdom, fleeing a hooded specter. It's suggested they've been cursed to these cowls, now only existing to claim more souls and spread chaos."

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Fire power is key here, the Dueling Deaths' have two attacks; they will appear in the top corner of the maps and throw their scythes in either a clockwise or counter clockwise pattern (depending if left or right corner). The best option is to avoid these two attacks, as they will be consecutive. Then, each their turn, they will appear in the bottom platform, and that is when they will do the scythe throw again. At that time it is better to just take the damage and keep pouring on the damage, with the proper perks (Combo Luck, Bullseye and Sharpshooter coupled with Double Barrel or Perfect Shot) one should do enough damage to quickly dispatch these bosses.