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Coxswain Forthright

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Cartographist of all ships !

Coxswain Forthright in Flinthook.

Description[edit | edit source]

"It used to be that maps on pirate ships were only used to keep track of the latrines' location but all of that changed with the arrival of Coxswain Forthright!.

Mapping the labyrinthe corridors of vessels became a passion for the blue navigator and he's eager to share it with whomever visits his quarters.

Sadly, he must always look towards the spaceways to steer his ship, leaving him little time to pore over his beloved maps."

Quote[edit | edit source]

  • If I could slow down time? Why I'd look at maps even longer, friend! Such is my way.
  • I keep my maps away from that oaf, Tobert. He'd only eat them! A disgusting glutton.
  • Aren't we all lost without a map? So says I, Coxswain Forthright!
  • A good helmsman must always look towards horizon... and Coxswain Forthright is a GREAT helmsman!
  • I see you cannot resist the appeal of a good map, friend. Neither can I!