Tobert Ungarsson

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Tobert Ungarsson is responsible for the book shops in Flinthook. Can be found through the Librarius Level Modifier.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Many scholars think knowledge was the greatest wealth a person could have... And Barnaby Quasar agreed! Called the "page Pirate" or "Book Bandit", this erudite swashbuckler raided ships for books, pamphlets and scrolls! He later donated his bounty across the fleet, hoping to bring the stories and legends of the Mermaidon Galaxy to his fellow pirates.

Sadly, most pirates prefer gambling, fighting and burping to actual reading and as such, Quasar's treasures go unread."

Quote[edit | edit source]

  • Other pirates say they're tough, but they can't even eat ONE book!
  • You know stories about Ghost Ships? Don't like those at ALL.
  • The Black Market? Is that a book or a place? I'm interested in booth.
  • Books are filled with knowledge and lore about the cosmos. They also taste great.
  • I got a tip for you... Eat books.