Admiral Goldfeathers

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Admiral Goldfeathers is one of the three members of the infamous Cluster Clan.

Description[edit | edit source]

"A rare outcast from the Nestworld of Fleem, the Admiral once worked for the Mining Companies of Kward. He rebelled against their ruling classes using the very ships he built for them and took control. With his fleet, the Stonebeaks, he steals the mineral resources from whole planets as he cackles, unopposed!

Stories from Fleem claim Goldfeathers' real name is Archibald Wingspan, a bird who left his village behind, ashamed of being unable to fly."

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Archibald Windspan can't fly!

When you enter the room will appear hanging on a chain and start to assemble a UFO.

You have to dodge the drills on the sides, when he use them, stones will fall that will hurt you, go down the UFO and burst the bubble then for a short time it will become vencible , after a while it will hide again, you have to give it 40 shots to kill it